Day 101 / 365

Ohhhh look guys, we made a cinemagraph, you see the smoke moving? You ain't tripping', the gif thinggy is.

So the necklace in this cinema graph (the name of which reminds me of this Lonely Island song) comes from a place called Radiate Market which is kind of the perfect spot to cover after Fashion Revolution week because, you guessed it, they pay their artisans fairly.

This is a for-profit business that is attempting to give back in a self-sustaining way, without the need for donations or outside support. They want their market to be a place where creators can gain the business experience they need to open themselves up to wider markets while celebrating and preserving their culture. 
This is what we need more of. 

Companies that can give back sustainably while being run sustainably.

If you think about it, for-profit businesses can bring more social change, charities are great, but they need donations or outside support to sustain themselves. one-for-one is ok too (have a read of style wise's blog to see why one-for-one ain't great), but one-for-one means an artisan has to make two pairs of shoes for the same price as one sells, so though it is great it goes to a charitable cause, it isn't great for the artisan. Preserving the crafts of a culture by empowering artisans within that culture creates a sustainable source of income for that culture. Just giving is great, but allowing people to earn their own sustainable wage with the beautiful talents they possess creates a most positive change and allows people who might otherwise be working in factories, the power to become entrepreneurs. There are thousands of examples of businesses I wish to cover who produce their products ethically and sustainably and support the community they're benefitting on in a positive way, this is one of the responsibilities we as a consumer hold to ensure the products we're purchasing don't perpetuate poverty like fast fashion does.

So whether it is Radiate Market or one of the many magnificent brands who put their effort and drive into creating opportunity where there is none, try to spend your dollars in a way that empowers and doesn't exploit.

Just to get ya going, I've linked in some examples of companies who are fair, sustainable, kind, and run as a social enterprise or have products which do below. * please comment below with your favs and I'll add them to the list! 

[Good Guys & Gals]
RadiateMarket *use code: LeotieLovely in the checkout for FREE SHIPPING 
A BeautifulRefuge * this is a social enterprise I'm SO PROUD to be involved with
Eco Habitude  * online store, but the link here leads you to fair trade products
Rahul Mishra *I did a youtube video on his beautiful stuff
Indelust *all the brands carried their empower

[In the cinema graph (which Shane made)] 
RADIATE MARKET Necklace *use code: LeotieLovely in the checkout for FREE SHIPPING