Day 80 / 365

Faye Lessler, one of the bloggers in both the Ethical Blogger Network and Ethical Writer's Coalition, makes up some bad ass recipes which just so happen to align with seasonal eating stupendously. I'll be sharing as many of her recipes as she'll let me over the coming year, she was kind enough to allow me to share her detox beet soup earlier this theme and this pickled shallot recipe too which is perfect for the spring season and won't do too bad on the Easter meal tables. You can find Faye's incredible creations and awesome outfit posts, amongst other stories, on her blog, Sustaining Life, here. Below are her words and creations.

Spring, it's finally here! I feel like I've emerged fresh faced and giddy from a long winter of trials. Perhaps this is true or perhaps it's just the hint of summer on the breeze putting me in a poetic mood. Either way, the sunshine has me smiling and my body is craving brighter and bolder flavors as the temperatures rise and the days grow longer. These tangy pickled shallots are just the thing to satisfy my need for colorful food and a little bit of excitement on the palette! Besides, I love being reminded of hot days spent riding a motorcycle through Vietnam - every pho stand had pickled shallots and garlic as delicious accompaniments to our roadside meals. 

Tangy pickled shallots are easy, cheap and tasty on top of pretty much anything. I recommend trying them on avocado toast, with crackers andvegan spreads, mixed in to a fresh salad, tossed into tacos, added atop fried rice, or any Asian-style soup. This recipe makes two jars so you can gift one to a friend or hoard it (like Jeremia wanted to). If you really want to have some fun in the kitchen, triple this recipe and enjoy the process of making a big batch to enjoy all summer. It's the perfect activity for an easy Sunday afternoon. 

Tangy Pickled Shallots
Prep: 20 minutes. Assembly: 30 minutes

[Ingredients] *makes 2 small jars
·       7-10 shallots (I prefer the sharper varieties)
·       5 tablespoons salt
·       juice of 1 lime
·       1/4 cup rice vinegar
·       1/4 cup water
·       2 teaspoons pink peppercorns (optional)
·       2 teaspoons Himalayan pink salt (optional)

  1. Skin shallots and slice thinly into a mixing bowl. Try using a mandolin for quick and uniform slicing.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon salt to shallots and mix until they weep (they will become moist and fragrant).
  3. Rinse and drain.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 two more times.
  5. Add remaining 2 tablespoons of salt and lime juice to shallots and mix.
  6. Clean and dry two small jam jars. If using, place 1 teaspoon each of pink peppercorns and Himalayan pink salt at the bottom of each jar.
  7. Add shallots and juices to your two jars.
  8. Bring rice vinegar and water to a low boil then ladle into the jars until all of your shallots are covered.
  9. Allow to steam and cool off for 5 minutes before placing lids on and storing jars in the refrigerator.

You can find more of Faye's incredible creations and awesome outfit posts, amongst other stories, on her blog, Sustaining Life, here.