GREEN MANTRA: Even my scrubbers will be sustainable

Day 58 / 365

I get the oopies from my sponges and dishcloths after a certain period of ick has occurred and downgrade them (if there isn't a ton of non-removable food attached to it) to floor scrubbers and eventually, to the bin.

It's not a green habit to have, especially if said sponge, cloth or scrubby is made from synthetic foamed polyurethane, which unless specifically listed as biodegradable (meaning it comes from a naturally produced fibre) will outlive you in the landfill.

To top off the non biodegradability of garbage bound sponges is the worrying fact that many of them are produced using carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen and contain a slew of chemicals including Triclosan which is harmful to your health, the health of those who produce the sponges, and the health of any living thing which comes in contact with the sponge upon its retirement from the kitchen and relocation to landfill life.

Shitty deals all around.

Luckily for us, numerous conscious companies have made it simple for us to switch to a scrubber which is more sustainable, with ample choices and price points depending on your needs. I wrote an article on the dangers in your dish-soap here, if you haven't yet read it make sure you do so you can hunt down some eco + chemical free options for yourself and go the full mile in your green kitchen and health protective efforts.

Dishcloths can be washed and reused continuously, consider moving away from a sponge into the world of eco dishcloths instead.
2. FULL CIRCLE Cotton Dishcloths 

Rather than spending their life in a landfill, these babies break down or can be recycled for a lease of new life.
4. GROW YOUR OWN Luffa Gourd Sponge *no jokes, there's a plant that grows like a scrubby sponge 

Even for the tougher types, there are eco options which can be endlessly reused and washed or can be composted at the end of their lifecycle. 

photos: Food52