Day 36 / 365

I promised you the sexy stuff and here it is ... albeit a bit awkward. Somehow chopping apples felt like the most natural thing to do in my knickers. My husfriend used to take sexy photographs of hot models for a living but somehow when it came down to me, in our jet lagged post-Belize state, both of us were lacking in creativity, so kitchen culture it was(?)

As we creep up on Valentine's day and last minute gift buying ordering a set for your sexy times that is made with your body, the planet and its inhabitants in mind is key to ensuring circle of love doesn't get tainted by the conscious-less-ness of creatures.

Lingerie is yet another object in our wardrobe of things that we need to commit to finding suitable sustainable switch options for. Since walking down this path to eco-discovery, the idea of having items made by companies that use planet harming fabrics (which don't breathe), chemical dyes, and inhumane production for their products gives me the heebee jeebies, especially when the thoughtless creations are right next to my bits or having any influence on gettin' down.

There are so many different fabrics already in existence, so ideally you want to be wearing fabric and trims that are left over from other manufacturing, or produced organically, dyed with certified organic dyes or vegetable dyes, and manufactured by hand by a small team (especially when it comes to lingerie as it's not a 'one size fits all' kind of scenario).

The brand I'm pictured in here, Svala, creates their vivian lace collection with this idyllic process in mind, creating beautiful upcycled lace lingerie which somehow fits perfectly, even when your size has been guessed by owner Helga. I was sent me two sets of her vivian lace knicker sets, one which I won off an instagram giveaway, the other which was sent to me to review (somehow our wires got crossed and she didn't realise I was the blogger and the instagram winner). Svala's collection is handmade in their LA studio, meaning each one gets the love and attention it deserves, the type of positive intentions you'd want to keep close to your heart and love machine where they'll eventually end up.

Their collection is simple yet sexy, the type of thing you can feel alluring in no matter the day or outfit, they camouflage against your skin so you can wear the bras under almost anything and their underwear don't pinch the skin, they sort of glide along and move with your body (though my butt did its best to escape).

Supporting a budding brand like Svala is key to expanding the eco + ethical industry and ensuring that no matter the wardrobe need you'll be able to find conscious collections made with Love. There are tons to choose from if their collection isn't your style (or you've got large breasts). Here are my top 8, starting with the beautiful collection I've got on.

- 8 Eco + Ethical Lingerie Brands - 

*Svala is having a 30% Vday sale!