I met Paola, owner and curator of La Manufacture Onirique in Paris a few weeks ago. Nina from Silly Boy Studios in New York contacted me on instagram and told me to bring my eco clutches by. I had been passively looking for somewhere to display them but was too intimidated by French fashion culture to head out on the town and be vulnerable with my creations, so a somewhat cosmic social media delivered invitation was both timely and welcome.

I went down to Paola's shop, which happens to be about a 10-minute bike ride from my house, and was completely inspired, not only by its owner (who is one of the sweetest soothing souls you'll ever meet), but buy the beautiful eco + ethical brands she has united under her roof. Paola creates beautiful spice dyed scarves and an incredible collection of leather goods made from upcycled leather scraps. She uses a soldering pen to artistically enhance each piece, offering customizations upon purchase which she freehands with ease. 

She's got a 21 day cycle, bringing in new brands to display alongside her own, basically single handedly creating a community of conscious creatives and welcoming them with open arms into her shop, for commerce or a coffee and a chat. 

The current cycle on display has more than enough beautiful items to choose from for an affectionate gift for others or yourself:

[Re] Made in France and [re] Worked by Hand, Wylde is a creative collection vintage pieces upcycled with contemporary additions creating beautiful and unique pieces which span just about every style and age of late.
Where to buy? La Manufacture Onirique or online.

Paola's leather creations are made with upycyled leather scraps, creating a beautiful soft material which is both strong and soft. Her collection is made up of unique handmade designs, made with love in her studio in Paris. I bought two of her notebooks already, one for a musician and one for a business man, so if you’ve got any of those types on your Valentine’s list, I’d recommend these clever creations for sure.  
Where to buy? La Manufacture Onirique

My collection of eco + ethical clutches, makeup bags and totes are on display there too. Each one is designed nomadically, from fabrics and components I collect from charity shops, market stalls, souks, and sometimes even refuse piles. Each of these fabrics are upcycled from their original form and transformed into a new piece, with the size and design being dictated by a minimal waste policy which ensures each creation utilizes all the found fabric to form a new product, creating a conscious conversion from old to new, Lovemade in Paris and London. 
Where to buy? La Manufacture Onirique and online

Australian born, French lured, Istanbul living gypsy and eco jewellry designer, Olivia, has created a beautifully bohemian collection of creations which are filled with wonder and wanderlust. Her colourful and eclectic collection of one-off rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings looks like a pirates bounty after a long love filled life of travels, only they were acquired through positive exploration and made with both the planet and her inhabitants in mind, for the dreamers, the gypsies, the vagabonds and the nomads who wonder though our wonderful world.
Where to buy? La Manufacture Onirique and online
* she'll be at EPIC DALSTON  (13-15 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BH London) on the 21st of Feb from 11am -6pm

[SENCHA & BOURBEN]In the basement of La Manufacture Onrique is Paola's studio where she hand dyes her beautiful scarves with various natural concoctions of vegetables and spices. They're stunning and soulful pieces of art which she customizes with the intended owners initials, making an already one-of-a-kind item, completely unique.
Where to buy? La Manufacture Onirique

La Manufacture Onirique
4 Rue Gerando
Paris, France