TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: Next time I need something new, I'll try to make sure it's old
Day 48 / 365

By the time we’re in our 40s, all those $5 t-shirts and $30 skinny jeans we bought in our 20s will be considered vintage. It’s a scary thought considering most of it barly lasted six months in our wardrobes before it started to rip, fray and pull.  At the moment we’re on the tail end of of the covetable clothing our parents and grandparents wore, those unique durable pieces which were made thoughtfully and made to last.

Proper vintage is the antithesis of fast fashion, as most of it was made locally and by hand, often by its intended wearer, so anything you find claiming to be vintage that says: “Made in China” (especially in English) is not proper vintage, it's probably knock off or a child of fast fashion. But either way, if you’re buying second hand, you’re not adding to the problem we’ve created.

Wearing what is already in existence allows us to displace the need to make new manufactured fibres (produced with pollutive oil-based petroleum products which once in created, can’t decompose) or producing new naturally produced fibres which hog fresh water supply, pollute our planet, and our pores.

I started Leotie Lovely as a Vintage reseller back in the day for this reason, I used to haul Vintage clothing from the various charity shops in my home city of Winnipeg, Canada, and upcycle it or sell it as it came to me. I remember just sitting in awe some nights at the craftsmanship behind each item. When I moved back to Europe, where the supply of Vintage clothing in bigger cities is in the hands of the incredible vintage shops and market stall sellers who were part of the bountiful underground world of vintage wholesale and resale, I bowed out and focused on upycling the bits that industry couldn’t use with my collection of handmade clutches.

Vintage really is a case of ‘get it before it’s gone’ as the clothing produced using our current practices barely lasts a year, never mind a lifetime. I prefer buying mine offline, as nothing gets my blood pumping more than uncovering a piece of vintage magically hidden amongst the goodies in a charity shop, but if you're not a hunter in your gathering (or if you've got kids, work loads or live rurally), there are thousands of places online to purchase unique Vintage items.

Rather than supporting a conscious-less and overpriced Nasty Gal or Urban Outfitters, try to hit up a local Etsy Store instead. Just type in what you’re looking for and adjust the location settings on the bottom left to your city (or the closest big city to you), this will reduce your purchase's impact on the planet and help support your local economy.

I have a few favourite vintage curators I like to keep an eye on and who I often buy from when I'm near, have a gander at them or use the Etsy search bar to hunt around next time you’re in need of something ‘new’.

Jill is from my home city of Winnipeg, Canada, she has an incredible ability to curate a beautiful collection of goods which are completely unique and hard not to Love. She also writes a Travel Blog which is sure to get your wanders lusting.
Where To Find Her Finds? Her ETSY SHOP or INSTAGRAM

When I first started the Leotie Lovely blog, Robyn from Twitch Vintage was the first person ever to comment on it. She was one of the first gals to start selling Vintage clothing online full-time and she does a damn good job of it. You can read my interview with her (back in 2011) HERE 
Where To Buy Her Finds? Her ETSY SHOP or INSTAGRAM 

I bought far to much from these sweet soulful loverz who had a stall at the Blue Star Market (in)conveniently set up across from ours ... so I could see all their new finds from where I stood selling my bags. There were some days where anything I earned from selling my bags I’d hand right over to her for some of her goods. I bought the fabric for the Fiesta clutches from her and THIS amazing coat.  
Where To Buy Her Find? Her ETSY SHOP or INSTAGRAM 

I bought a pair of Vintage cowboy boots from this gal and they’re one of my favourite items I own. She’s got an incredible selection of vintage goodies.
Where To Buy Her Find? Her ETSY SHOP 

There is also great list of Vintage sellers for men, women and children HERE too!