TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: May every gift I give to myself or another be dressed in thoughtful intention and deep meaning 
Day 41 / 365

I met Kelly-Marie on a photoshoot at Dean's Court where she works as a florist and prop stylist. Dean's Court was the first garden to be certified organic estate in the United Kingdom. Kelly-Marie created a most beautiful bouquet for me to hold in one of my shots which was full of beautiful rich coloured flowers and plants made up from the flora available on that day in the grounds which surrounded us. She styled the whole shoot that way with props from the garden (which the food for their on site cafe comes from) and the plants and herbs which grew around us.

I've since become very moved by the Slow Flower movement she stands behind. She has taught herself through vintage flower arranging books how to become a 'British Only Natural Seasonal Florist', allowing her to break away from the lazier folk of the industry who have become to reliant on flowers grown and flown thoughtlessly and chemical assistance from awful products like Green Oasis foam.

Just as I was putting together the post on Slow Flowers, which Kelly-Marie helped me with, I saw she had posted a most thoughtful,meaningful and lovingly created bouquet which she kindly agreed to let me share here.

This is a post originally shared on her blog A Harem ofPeacocks, which I highly recommend you have a sniff through as her words and images are both thoughtful and inspiring.

- Love Charm Bouquet -

by Kelly-Marie from A Harem of Peacocks

but dear,
don't be afraid of love,
it's only magic.
~r.m drake

Love is the strongest form of magic! You don't need a lover to LOVE. Start with yourself. Then love EVERYONE a little harder . 

The ingredients to the 'love charms' in this post are all listed below. All the flowers and foliage in this post are British, seasonal and foraged locally by me.

If you order from my Etsy shop (like the beautiful 1930s nightgown pictured) before Valentine's day, you'll receive a little herby nosegay wrapped in a velvet ribbon as a token of Love and appriciation from me to you. Make an order from my Etsy shop before Valentines day and receive a little herby nosegay wrapped in velvet ribbon as a token of love and appreciation from me to you.

~ I V Y ~

Often with heart shaped leaves, Ivy is a symbol of binding. It can not live with out something to cling on to and to grow with. Always growing through adversity.
Ivy binds us together.

~ B A Y  L A U R E L  ~

Traditionally lovers would place a bay laurel leaf under each others pillows on valentines day and that night dream of love.

If they dreamt of each other it was said that they would be married within the year. Bay is a very powerful manifesting tool.

~ R O S E M A R Y  ~

Symbolising a constancy in love. Traditionally presented at weddings by bridesmaids to the groom bound with ribbon as a token of true love and loyalty.

~ L A V E N D E R ~

Given by many a lover to impress and attract with lavender's beautiful colour and aroma. Charles II would take sachets of dried lavender tied up wth ribbon to his secret meetings with his mistress Nell Gwyn.

~ T H E  H E L L E B O R E ~

Helebore's don't actually have any association with love, but in the language of flowers they mean to 'Relieve my anxiety', I thought that was a fitting one for anyone who dreads valentines day because of what it symbolises.

Think like the Hellebore, standing tall with beauty and grace through the toughest of winters, bringing hope of Spring and better times ahead.

** Warning ** 
Hellebores are very poisonous! Make sure you wash your hands throughly and do not combine with herbs that you intend to keep and use afterwards!


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all photos: Kelly-Marie