TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: search out the sustainable 
Day 42 / 365

I met Carolina at the clandestine ninja wedding of our mutual friends a couple years ago in Paris. She was confident, funny and intelligent and amongst the fun and celebrations of our friends' Love, we found an instant friendship that has lasted, despite our paths crossing only online since. So, with a conscious creature such as her dwelling in a city I know to be expanding its eco wings, I could think of no better person to recommend ideas for ones romantic wanderings in the German capital. 


hope for the hopeless romantic: Behold two seasonal options for lovers - featuring no dark rooms

When it comes to conjuring up notions of romanticism, Berlin tends to pull up rough in the city steaks (/stakes). There will always be the promenades of Paris, the sizzle of Barcelona sol, but Berlin is perceived as a place to find just a temporary romance.

If you dig through the heavy-set cloud and the gritty streets, you will uncover the fledgling eco spirit that is simultaneously taking ahold of heart and hunger alike.


Smell the roses. But don’t cut ‘em down: If you intend to give/receive blooms, why not think about the thoughtful gift that keeps giving? A succulent will do the trick. Or a short love-note or poem. Or an IOU voucher to be reclaimed from you for a massage or, my personal favourite - a foot tickle.
I’m putting the Do in here first, because chances are that after the E├čen [food] you won’t feel like doing much except snuggling down in bed and ahem, tucking in.

Lichtblick is a local “cinema” that seats just the 32 of you, and shows documentaries and foreign films in their original version with subtitles. This will be an educational viewing and provide you with table talk concerning politics, the arts, the environment and so forth. Sustainable stimulation!


I’ve been to this effortlessly-eco locale several times prior to taking my beau, and, knowing he’s suffered through enough of my rave reviews it’s time his tastebuds had a chance to dance for themselves.

Lokal pride themselves on their locally-sourced produce, which means an increase in creativity in the kitchen and a continuously changing menu. Be game to try something gamey, or pick from the selection of veg that tastes like it was foraged from the forest (because, it was).

There is an earthiness to the food that is further complemented by an organic wine selection and a rustically-modern candlelit setting.


Katz Orange 
A short, hand-held walk from Lokal will take you down a side street where you’ll then frantically take to checking your maps to see if you’ve missed the next destination. Yes, take that gorgeous walk through the elegant, elongated courtyard and you will find yourself at the Katz Orange

True, you could have dined here too, but save it for next time or take something sweet to accompany your cocktails in the funky downstairs lounge. Rest easy knowing the spirits are from local German distilleries and the wine is sustainably-made. Sink into an oversized sofa with your amor and spoon each other poached pear cheesecake and sweet sustainable nothings.

- Be sure to check out Carolina's clever blog HERE