Today's Green Mantra: Love yourself, your planet, and her inhabitants, the rest will flow to you
Day 35 / 365

To follow up on the v-day date ideas which started off with Alden from Eco Cult's NYC suggestions, we're going to swing up North to my home town of Winnipeg, Canada, with a guest post from a magical woman who has been an inspiration to me and many others on how to Love ones self and others.

Niki Trosky is one of many stunning souls who dwell in the Prairie region where I grew up and has been a sparkle of light throughout my adult life with her warm and wonderful personality, her production company  Love Life Productions, her book Love Life, and her union with equally inspirational artist Nereo II. Their Love story and personal journeys were a source of inspiration for me in my own romantic endeavours in terms of the type of partnership, spiritual union and Love I was looking for, so I'd trust her suggestions for romancing of self and others through and through.

- Valentine Date Idea(s) In Winnipeg -

One of the greatest romances we can ever have is with ourself. If we can’t fall madly and deeply in love with our own self, then how can we expect anyone else to? One sure way to win your own heart is to give yourself what ever you need! So why not spend this Valentines day spoiling yourself rotten?!

[TO DO] 

I would recommend starting at Thermea. Treat yourself to a day of drifting in and out of steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs and relaxation rooms. I also dare you to to the Polar Bear Plunge! There is nothing more exhilarating than a dip into ice cold waters to get your body feeling ultra alive! I am pretty sure this hot & cold water therapy is like a fountain of youth. Regardless of how young and gorgeous you will feel at the end of your stay, you will surely be grateful to yourself for taking the time to be alone and quiet in your indulgence.

* I'm nose in and suggest a red river / assiniboine river skate down the magical wooded trail just past the forks too!


Speaking of indulgence, don’t stop now! Take yourself somewhere nice for dinner. I love a good sushi meal at Wasabi. I am still baffled by the fact that some of the greatest sushi I have eaten around the world is rolled in Winnipeg. Wasabi does it right and with three locations and a new fusion hot spot called Chosabi you can take your pick of atmosphere.


Last but not least, a night cap and a something sweet are always a must. Head over to Dear and Almond to say hi to their fabulous crew. Saddle up the bar for a mixologist cocktail or a cappuccino and order anything on their dessert menu. Trust me on this one. Their food is so good you will feel it in your groin!

All of this being said the first rule in loving yourself is to listen to yourself! Do what makes YOU happy. You get to design your dream date. If you feel awkward dining alone then bring a good book. May I suggest the one I wrote? The best part about dating yourself is that you get to do whatever you want whenever you want to! So enjoy, indulge, relax and be your own greatest romance!


You can find Niki's Book: Love Life on AMAZON HERE and follow her creative endevours on her website Love Life Productions HERE

Photos:  Melissa Trainor and Shane Woodward