Today's Green Mantra: "Date night can be done right, even in New York"

Day 34 / 365

I've asked some talented women from various spots across the globe to help me collect some eco + ethical date ideas for Valentine's day or any ole day. 

I was planning on posting them per continent, but since that makes for a blog post uncomfortably long to read, I've decided to get it going one-by-one starting with Alden Wicker, fellow Ethical Writer's Coalition member, lovely human, and editor-in-chief of the uber cool NYC based blog Eco Cult. Alden's blog cleverly covers all aspects of sustainable living in an informative, aesthetically pleasing, and positive way, and she was kind enough to share her New York City wisdom with a selection of sensational ideas for all you boys and girls living in or visiting the Big Apple that is New York City.

- Eco + Ethical Valentine's Date(s) In New York -

by Alden Wicker of Eco Cult


When I think back on some of my favorite memories with my fiancĂ© many of them involve museums. With the new Whitney getting rave reviews from all sectors, I can't think of a better way to spend a romantic Sunday than wandering through it's architecturally on-point galleries taking in the freshest modern art. Instead of just staring at each other trying to be romantic, you can use the conceptual pieces as a jumping-off point to find out new things about your partner's point of view and creative leanings, and leave feeling emotionally refreshed. 


Obviously, restaurants are going to be booked solid for Valentine's Day dinner, or else I would send you straight to my farm-to-table restaurant list. May I suggest instead preparing something special at home, but with some fun excursions involved? First, check out which farmer's markets are open on Sunday, with Greenmarket's handy drop down menu. Then, pick out some seasonal winter recipes that are cozy and romantic. Here are a whole bunch! I also use the cookbooks Sustainably Delicious and Simply Organic to find seasonal recipes. 

Or, have a fancy pants romantic picnic in your apartment! For that, I recommend either the Bedford Cheese Shop, with two locations near Union Square and Williamsburg, Campbell's Cheese and Grocery on the south side of Williamsburg, BKLYN Larder in Park Slope, or Marlow & Daughter's. (Sorry it's so Williamsburg heavy. We have great taste!) Take the money you're saving from not eating out and splurge on some delicious local cheese, Brooklyn-made artisanal jam, freshly baked bread, free-range meat if that is your thing, and locally made, fair trade chocolate to create a delicious spread for just the two of you. 


I highly recommend Clover Club in Cobble Hill, Pouring Ribbons in the East Village, Apotheke in Chinatown, and Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg for the fanciest cocktails (using natural ingredients) you can find east of the Mississippi. Want to defer a bit to your significant other's more manly sensibilities as a thank you for your Valentine's Day gift? Wassail on the Lower East Side focuses on cider and cider-based cocktails, and Proletariat on St. Marks does the same with craft beer. Bonus: All the aforementioned bars have thoroughly romantic settings.

* You can inter-n-stalk lovely Alden on her blog for lots more clever recommendations and ideas on her beautiful blog: ECO CULT *