Today's Green Mantra: "I'm not going to be makin' Love without the help or protection of things not made with Love"

Day 33 / 365

Wishing with all my might this was day 69 or 365 but alas, that cosmic date is reserved for March 10, 2016 and so we'll have to wait. Any-way, before we get all romantic and hitting various bases with one another, I thought I'd suggest a few ideas for those of you not lookin' to become a parent in nine months time, and who aren't down gettin' down with animal cruelty, health harming chemicals, and a non-biodegradable sacs-o-sperm on the mind. I'd expand on these issues but I'll let you click the links included rather than completely kill the mood ...

Eco + Ethical How? L. is giving away free non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free condoms now until February 14th, all you have to do is email: and they'll show up in your mailbox. They're a condom company with a cause: for every condom purchased, one is distributed in a developing country in need. PLUS, they're giving one lucky "single" winner a year's suppy of condoms just for posting on social media with their playful hashtag #shamelesslysingle. 
Certifications? Vegan, Not Tested On Animals, Certified B Corporation, Green America Certification, Best For the World Certification, PETA-approved
Buy It Where? on AMAZON HERE or their website

Eco + Ethical How? 50% Owned by Women, Sustain Condoms has a whole lotta all natural sexual wellness products for you to be at play with. Their products are free of nitrosamines, a carcinogen found in most condoms, they use sustainable rubber to keep toxins out of the shared environment produced on plantations which pay fair wages and have abolished child labour. They also provide education and healthcare to the entire community in southern India where the rubber is produced. Each product is produced by a factory which is sunlit and powered by solar panels, where workers are unionized and able to negotiate with management for wages that are significantly higher than the average factory in india. 
Certifications? Fair Trade, Vegan, Not Tested On Animals, B-Corporation, Non-GMO, FSC Certified
Buy It Where? on AMAZON HERE or their website
*photo above adapted from sustiain's clever advertising!

Eco + Ethical How? Sir Richard's condoms are made of all-natural latex and silicone (lubricant) they don't use any fillers in their natural latex (common practice in the industry) and their condoms are free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals. They are produced with latex from a natural, sustainable rubber trees. 
Certifications? Vegan, PETA-approved 
Buy It Where? on AMAZON HERE or their website, Whole Foods, CVS Pharmacy, Fred Meyer 

Eco + Ethical How? They sell EU certified condoms in Europe made in Germany to the most rigorous standards of sagety and reliability harvested unders sustainable and Fair Trade conditions. This means the rubber producers are paid a royalty to help improve their lives. They're manufactured using latex that is sourced ethically, paying a Fair Trade premium for the latex rubber. 
Certifications? Fair Trade, Vegan, Carbon Neutral
Buy It Where? their website