Today's Green Mantra: "I will purchase items made with the same positive intentions I wish to share with my Loved ones and the world"

Day 31/ 365

Since the mid 90s, Dr. Emoto has been publishing his studies of water, his entire works have been dedicated to the idea that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. His experiments were built on the idea that positive thoughts and words effected the molecular structure of water positively and that negative thoughts and words did quite the opposite. He was able to prove, through his studies and experiments that this hypothesis was true, which blew the minds of most people, scientist or otherwise.

His experiment was simple, he wrapped bottles of water with written notes, with the writing facing the inside of the bottle with a negative ("you fool") or positive ("thank you") messages written on the notes in various languages. The water was then frozen and the crystals of the frozen water examined. The water which a priest prayed over, with love and gratitude, which had positive words written on it created a magical sort of snow flake type crystal. Conversely, the water which was exposed to yelling and negative expressions created malformed crystals.

If you think about the human body, which is about 70% water for adults and 90% water for infants, and you imagine the clothing and objects we surround ourselves with can communicate with our bodies in the same ways the words (written on the outside of bottles) and thoughts (directed at the water while those thoughts were being written) in Dr. Emoto's experiments did, you'd want to surround yourself with objects and people which were created with the same positive thoughts and intentions you wish to havemett you in your life. For example, if you're wearing a ring that was made with indifference and blood diamonds, in conditions that created negativity for all those involved, that ring might cause your body to react negatively, regardless of the intention behind the rings journey from the shop to your finger.

These facts, on top of ethics, morals and climate change, are amongst the many reasons ,one would want to be buying themselves and their loved ones objects made with positive intentions and Love. Especially on a day dedicated to that expression.  And so, I shall suggest some gifts for the ladies now which are made with the intentions the gift giver shares, and thus might add a bit of magic to your life in ways unexpected. 

- 7 Eco + Ethical Valentine's Gift Ideas For Her -   

Eco + Ethical How? I was just sent two pairs of these babies and I've got to say, they're damn pretty and fit to perfection. The company is based in downtown Los Angeles, and creates their sexy lingerie from remnant lace and trims left over from other manufacturers. Each of their tags, labels, and promotional materials are printed on 100% recycled paper. 

[TWO] TREATS by Quin
Eco + Ethical How? We got a package of these for Christmas and they didn't last more than 12 hours in our house - the 'just one more' scenerio ruined us and I've been left wanting ever since.They make candy and chocolates by hand in Portland, Oregon, where they're based using real berries, housemade coffee extract (from locally roasted beans) local hazelnuts and tea, fruit and vegetable extracts for colour and flavour. It seems they're creations are limited edition as the ones we got on our stocking (peppermint/chocolate, pictured above) have long disappeared. I'd sign up your gal for the year long 'candy of the month' supply and see if that doesn't put a twinkle in her eye.

Eco + Ethical How? If you're one for spending big on your gal, you may as well spend those dollars wisely, and kind & co isn't a bad place to start. Handcrafted in their work/live studio in New York City, their jewellry collection is created with exquisite ethical materials like recycled precious metals, recycled heirloom diamonds (originating from the US or AU), and recycled gemstones. Each one is made by standards that our great-great-great-grandparents would approve of as they pay attention to their creations in a way that has since been lost, hand-drawing every design and hand-picking every gemstone paying careful attention in every stage of its creation. If you're looking to spend a little less, go to and type: "eco valentine jewellery" instead and a plethora of other delightful designers will pop up for the picking!
Where To Buy? Kind & Co HERE, Etsy HERE

Eco + Ethical How? Since I can remember, I've been a Calgon body mist girl, marshmallow was my scent and I was liberal with it. So liberal my sister kicked me out of her birthing room due to my overly sweet stench. Unfortunately, Calgon isn't an eco + ethical option and thus, I've got to give her up. I've been searching for months to find a perfect replacement and finally found it in the most unlikely of places on a holiday season shopping trip with my little sister in Urban Outfitters. I was surprised to see they were selling eco + ethical anything in there (my sister had taken me kicking and screaming to the high street), and was inspired by the creator of the scent. All of Plantfolk's botanical creations are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude from the purest ingredients available, using a variety of sustainably, ethically, organically, and locally-sourced herbs oils, waxes, essential oils, clays, botanical extracts, and hydrosols. They grow many of our own organic herbs in their gardens in northern New Mexico, and distill their own plant and floral waters using an artisanal copper still. All botanical remedies are handcrafted in small batches to ensure utmost quality and care goes into each and every product. 
Where To Buy? They're on hiatus right now, but Urban Outfitters is currently carrying their product HERE *if your girl is a perfume gal, check out Eco Cult's eco + ethical perfume suggestions HERE

Eco + Ethical How? Shameless self promotion comes in every chance I get, but I'd like to think these babies would make a good gift for your gal. There are tons of styles to choose from, from clutches to totes and makeup bags too. Each bag is handmade in London with limited-edition fabrics which are found and upcycled, either vintage materials, deadstock materials or repurposed materials from charity shops. I then hand craft the details, which for the more recent seasons has been a handcrafted tassel. 10% of each sale goes to a entrepreneur, when the money is paid back it is reinvested creating a circular loan which keeps on growing and giving. You can read more about my creations in the green policy HERE.
Where To Buy?

Eco + Ethical How? Tea, as nature intended it. My friend Jimmy who has a beautiful farm-to-table restaurant in London, called La Ferme, recently discovered this brand. He was the first to introduce me to the benefits of dried Lavender tea, and the luck given in gifting it. We drank a cup of it on our 9 month anniversary, about a month before we got married, Jimmy had made us our rings and gifted them with dried lavender. Ever since, the thought of flowering tea has made my heart sing. I think it is a beautiful gift to give as each flower itself has postiive benifits to the heart and mind, and the expansion of the flower in the hot water represents the opening of the flowering of our hears in Love. The health and spiritual benefits of natural tea are bountiful and Le Benefique does it perfectly. Their packaging is completely recycled and the products are ethically sourced from the nature itself, in France.Where To Buy? La Ferme (London) /

[SEVEN] CARD by Calligraphuck
Eco + Ethical How? I Love a bit of joyful swearing now and again, must be my British parental units or a bit too much time living in Souf Landon. But I Love it, and thus, this here card gives me a giggle. It is the first ever thing I pinned into my <3 a="" board="" on="" pinterest=""> and comes from a luxury stationary company who designs, prints and assembles their letter pressed cards in the UK. They use Eco Friendly papers from dead trees in responsibly managed forests, and 100% recycled (zombie trees) for their envelopes).
Where To Buy?