Since committing to daily posts for the #GoneGreen2016 series I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed, I'm passionate about this project and grateful for the opportunity my life has given me to inspire myself and hopefully others in being the change they want to see through this project ...

But it is a lot of effing work, I gotta tell you. And it ain't a paid gig.

It leaves very little time for other passions which fill my soul in more serene and loving way. Like poetry, music, reading, writing, exploration, friends, yoga, meditation, self education ect ... essentially, I'm struggling with the work/life balance. 

Eco warriorship can be a frustrating endeavour, there is so much information out there, so much we're doing wrong as individuals and as a society, so many products that harm our health and the health of the planet but are sold to us as safe anyway, so many conventional items made by slave labour, so much I didn't know, so many ways to tell the story of each object or idea, and SO MANY Greenwashers ...

I have no doubts that I will find a way to progress this project into something more simple and succinct, for my sake and for yours (I can't imagine reading a super long post each day is sustainable for you either!), I have no plans to back out of this project at all, but any suggestions or feedback, both positive and negative, that you as a reader might have I would love to hear! (please feel free to post in the comments below). 

Already the talented women at the Ethical Writer's Coalition have offered their amazing support, so there will be plenty of wonderfully written guestposts and syndicated articles from them to lighten the load I am (in all honesty) happily holding. But I'd like to open the floor to suggestions too.

Until then, I will remember that the sun is shining, my desk is cosy, my health is with me, my heart and belly are full, my mind is peaceful, my family and friends happy and healthy ... that I have so much to be grateful for, so much to look forward to, and that I'm lucky that I have shit to do!

Wishing you a most beautiful day - gonna get after it like the #GirlBoss I aspire to be exactly now. 

x Holly 

- Links To The Lovely Things My Desk Holds -

[photos] SHANE WOODWARD: the supportive stunning soul I get to share my life with
[table] STEELIN BOX: designed by my talented friend Olivier!
[computer cover] CLIQUE: an xmas gift from my beautiful little sister
[eco candle] REWINED: an xmas gift from my belle soeur and beau bro
[eco phone cover] CSERA: gorgeous eco phone cover I got for myself last year
[eco day planner / wall art] SASHA KRETOVA: beautiful day planner and post cards designed by Sasha Kretova
[eco headphones] HOUSE OF MARLEY: an xmas gift from my papa
[owl art] OAK NORTH: a beautiful gift painted by the sweet soul that is Kimberley Slezak and gifted to me by the beautiful human that is Kphizzy.