#GoneGreen2016 Day 8 / 365

One week of posts complete! I had promised succinct-ness in my introductory post, and thus far have failed. Collecting reliable data, digesting it, and skimming it down is harder than I thought it would be, but I'll endeavour to do better. 

If you missed any posts or want to read more on the subject of water, you will find the stories linked in order of appearance on the #GoneGreen2016 page HERE.

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This week I wrote about PARTING WITH PLASTIC, especially plastic water bottles which cause our health and pockets to demise and world pollution to rise. The pollution I focused on the pollution we are causing to our waterways and oceans, a pollution that isn't just the unaesthetic variety, it's a chemical, murderous, hazardous pollution, and thus, one of many reasons we must start drinking water from our taps and bottling all of our beverages in reusable bottles or cups.

I also spoke about our responsibility to CLEANING UP AFTER OURSELVES AND OTHERS, on the beaches and the streets, so we can ensure each item ends up in the right bin, that what can be IS being recycled or composted, and that the landfill trash we do create doesn't end up in our waterways. 

These subjects lead to the subject of WATER CONSERVATION, and a brand called STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!which is the best name for a soap, shampoo, toothpaste brand as those objects are the ones we use most while wasting heaps of water. 

Water, as it turns out, is a limited resource, though we (the western world) have been brought up to ignore these facts, it's true, and we're the worst wasters of it. We waste 6 LITRES OF WATER PER MINUTE when we let the tap run, sometimes more depending on the source it comes from, that number moves up to GALLONS when we're talking about the shower. Toilet flushing wastes 3.5 gallons. And the astronomical numbers continue for every water based object in the Kitchen, Bathroom and beyond.

My friend Vicente, a published author of the talented very talented variety, was kind enough to send me a STORY which he had told me during our ponderings over #Cop21 here in Paris, and which had initiated introspection from my ignorant Western self. READ IT HERE. It shows, through meaningful example, just how much we take this precious commodity for granted.

Another post was dedicated to the eco surfing community, which is a budding but important industry for one of the water's most landfill enabling sports.

The final post of the week encouraged self education and individual activism, which will be a theme amongst these posts each week, as I believe - apart from habit and purchasing adjustments - our thoughts and actions will be the the powering force behind our ability to save the planet on which we live.

You'll find the Week One Water Conservation Resolutions List  alongside suggestions for your mini eco warriors after the jump (press read more ...) You can also download the list HERE. Feel free to print the document (on the back of an old bill of course) and please leave comments and questions below, this series is intended to create a conversation and I'd love to hear of your adventures!
Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash