TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: I will become a more conscious and considerate consumer, mindful of the circular story behind the food I put in my body and how my purchase power effects the planet and my health.
Day 29 / 365

It's pretty simple to sum up this theme's posts, as is more of an education than a change in habits, and since switching to this sustainable way of eating costs less, benefits your health and is more logical, it's not as difficult to commit to being part of the change.

To commit to the planet, your community, your bank account, and your self, in a summed sort of way, consists of these two things:

ONE. Buying locally produced food in season produced by organic farmers rather than imported by big box stores will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help maintain biodiversity and supports your local community. 

TWO. Reducing (or completely cutting off) your meat, dairy and fish consumption to an 80/20 Alkaline food ratio, or ideally, to becoming completely vegan, will not only provide you with the foundations you need for a healthy and disease free body, but it will also significantly reduce the incredible and detrimental pollution and harms to the planet caused by these industries.

I also wrote about educating ones self on the industry we purchase our produce from with suggestions to some documentaries I've watched which have greatly influenced me to address the issues I was causing the planet, and myself. Though they're all moving, educational and interesting, I think the most important one to watch is Cowspiracy which uncovers our greatest polluter of all, the meat and dairy industry. You'll find it HERE.

The theme to follow will cover Valentine's Day and all that comes with it - so stay tuned for a whole lotta pink 'n' red loved up stuff.