TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: My cessation with the desire of procurement will begin with the smallest of things and soon include all things as I learn how to think about the circular story behind each object mankind has created

Day 19 / 365 

Undies are not normally on the top of the priority list when it comes to talking about eco fashion. But aside from socks, they’re an important component in our everyday life and sit directly on bits most of us hold dear.

The sad story with our skivvies is similar to the sad story behind most other basics (socks, stockings, jeans, leggings, shirts) and they so easily go under the radar when it comes to conscious curation of ones wardrobe.

With underwear especially, we’ve been conditioned to procure as many as possible and pay next to next to nothing for them monetarily. Because of this, there are a series of harms caused: to the planet, to people and to ourselves.

grown bad.
Cheap fast fashion underwear made of a natural fibre like cotton required heaps of water to growing the crop. To top it off, these crops have been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals which end up polluting the water and air, causing both planets and humans to get sick. 

grown good.
When these natural fibres are farmed responsibly and organically in places where the plant is indigenous, then the plant can live off the rainwater it is naturally fed (so long as global warming hasn't shifted its weather patterns too much).

priced bad.
Even with basics like these, you won't want to be skimping. 3-for-$5 panties are a tell tale sign of wrong doing, the price of things indicates that those pretty undies that Victoria Secret just emailed you about are full of chemicals and made with manufactured synthetic or irresponsibly procured fabrics. It also tells you, (based on the same calculations given when I wrote about SustainableStockings) that the person who made those underwear is likely earning less than 0.30 CENTS PER HOUR, which means they're walking away from 12 hours of non-stop sewing with about $3.60 for their efforts. 

priced good.
Part of converting to a conscious lifestlye is thinking. Sounds condescending, I know, but it is a necessary part of the growth process towards a higher state of wisdom and awareness for anything. You’ve got to start thinking about the circular story of every single thing you touch. It is overwhelming at first, but it subsides. Once you start thinking in this circular way, the transition into paying more for something which is created consciously, when you could pay less for something which causes you, the planet and our society harm, becomes easier. 

When your purchases become a cognitive choice, chosen carefully, and consciously, you begin to loose the need for fulfillment of what you classify as 'needs' but are actually just the unconscious reactive tendencies of a lifelong addiction to 'wants', which our unconscious society has gleefully encouraged you and rewarded you for having. 


Constant consumption of products which are filled with chemicals and made immorally makes us less in touch with ourselves and the world around us. Before, if I was in a bad mood, I would hit the high street for some mindless shopping, even if I didn’t buy anything, somehow the distraction of consumption soothed me. Since making efforts to separate myself from that world, I’m able to better communicate with myself, which makes me a happier person overall. And I fill the space that used to be filled by lust for stuff with stuff that gives me a lust for life instead.


Buy smarter. I’ve listed three underwear companies below which cater to men, women and children. There are thousands out there that are putting incredible amounts of energy into being transparent. Transparency is key. If the company isn’t offering you the full circle story of the product they’re selling then don’t buy it. You need to know what it is made of, where it is made, and how it is made, or no deals. You have that power. And that power can change the world.

These are some of the pretty basics variety that I feel are exemplary in transparency. (I’ll post on sexy underwear closer to Valentine’s day)    

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? They've transformed profit from one dimensional to Business In 3D, bringing profits back to the social, environmental and financial part of their business, making business profitable for both people and the planet, rather than just to the pocket. The organic indigenous cotton which is rainfed and cared for by tribal farmers in Odisha is then sent to their carbon neutral factory where the workers who produce their collection are paid a fair and living wage
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Pants a.k.a undies.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? For every Fair Trade Certified item they buy, they pay a premium, that premium is controlled by the workers who decide how they'd like to invest that money into their community. At the bottom of each product on their site, you can see where your item was manufactured, the men's underwear for example, is manufactured in the US at one of two factories. Their men's underwear is made out of PCR® (recycledplastic soda bottles) and treated with Polygiene®, which controls the odur of your undies.
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Just about everything, including underwear.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Made from non-GMO organic cotton which is grown on family-run farms, they use non-toxic ingredients to produce their collection in a sweatshop free environment. Which just so happens to be powered by renewable energy (and hopefully Love). They've partnered with OCS (Organic Content Standard)GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Fair Trade USA to certify their clothing is made ethically and sustainably. 
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Beautiful basics.

ECO + ETHICAL  HOW? Handmade in London with ethically sourced sustainable fabrics and end of the line remnants or vintage lace. 
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Beautiful basics, pjs, and luscious lingerie. 

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? This Canadian family owned business makes handmade underwear for women and men with recycled material. They're "colourful, comfortable, original and above all, each pair is absolutely unique."
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Eco, ethical underwear for mena nd women and paper mache mobiles as well as pompoms and colur-in mandalas

Ohhhlulu, Katastrophic, Living Crafts (they have stuff for kids too)

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