TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: When I next replace my leggings, I will invest my money into a pair that was made to last, made with the planet in mind, and made ethically (with Love). 

Day 18 / 365

When it comes to leggings, I couldn't care less whether you've got the perfectly sized t-shirt covering your hoo-haw or not. I more than often don't follow the rules of the legging-wearer, as decreed by the gods. Partially because all of my t-shirts shrunk into crop tops in the laundromat of nightmares somewhere in Arizona, and partially because I believe you should wear what you want, how you want, and when you wanna.

What I care more about, and this may not come as a surprise to you on the 18th day of this series, is what they're made of, how they're made, and who made them.

Since I work from home, I pretty much live in leggings, you may call this 'style' lack of effort, but I call it corporate pjs. After the untimely demise of my final pair of fast fashion leggings, I converted to the slow fashion eco + ethical world of leggings, never to return to fast fashion again.

I was given my first pair of eco leggings last xmas which came from Threads 4 Thought, and was given a second pair for my birthday this November from People Tree. The third pair (pictured above) came from some girl on Depop a while back, which I doubt were eco or ethical, but as they are second hand, they technically count as 'green' ... and I gotta say, all three are comfortable as f*ck, more so than any of the dinky slow fashion ones I've owned in all my years of life.

- The Problem With Fast Fashion Leggings - 

The issue with non-eco leggings has a similar story to just about ever other fashion item there there is:

Unless the company is a full circle thinker, meaning they consider the affect their creation will have on the planet birth-to-death, they will likely have used alarming amounts of water to grow, dye and produce your item.

[FABRIC] is made from manufactured synthetics (nylon, spandex, polyester, spandex, and rayon) which , once discarded, can take up to 200 years to breakdown. The earth grown fabrics are better but are usually dyed with chemical dyes which take a heck of a lot of water to process.

If you're paying less than $35.00 for tights, they're likely made by someone who is working overtime hours, for unfair wages, in dire working conditions. Leggings (like the ones you find at the mall) likely won't last you more than six months, as fast fashion leggings are intended to fall apart (so you buy more).

Most of our clothing contains toxic dyes full of chemicals, so if there isn't a tag indicating otherwise, then each time you wear will feed you those chemicals through your skin when you sweat.

You're going to be paying more for eco friendly + ethically produced anything, it isn't a marketing ploy, it is because sustainable materials cost more to produce and the people who manufacture the clothing you wear are being paid fairly to work in conditions that don't harm them. But, if you consider that most eco + ethical items you buy are made with the intention of lasting, you'll find yourself saving money (and conscience) in the end.

- My Favourite Eco + Ethical Legging Brands - 

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Ethically and ecologically produced, Threads 4 Thought has pretty impressive production methods created with both the planet and her inhabitants in mind. They're accredited by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), members of The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, are a B Certified corporation, and have earned a Fair Trade Certificate
WHAT DO THEY SELL? They sell solid colour leggings and patterned leggings as well as a number of other clothing styles for both WOMEN and MEN. Their clothing is incredibly flattering and comfortable.
GIVEBACK? They have a lovely philanthropic edge with their New Roots giveback programme. 

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Komana's collection is handmade in London out of sustainable organic cotton and bamboo blend jersey. 
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Unique patterned leggings, scarves, shirts, and homewear.
GIVEBACK? To their loveliness they now plant a tree in Niger, Africa, for each garment sold.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Made from non-GMO organic cotton which is grown on family-run farms, they use non-toxic ingredients to produce their collection in a sweatshop free environment. Which just so happens to be powered by renewable energy (and hopefully Love). They've partnered with OCS (Organic Content Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Fair Trade USA to certify their clothing is made ethically and sustainably. 
WHAT DO THEY SELL? They make solid colour leggings and patterned leggings as well as other basics like t-shirts, tights, knickers and accessories.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Their psychedelic leggings (similar to the ones pictured above) are made from RPET which is a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. They upcycle all their scraps and use efficient printing practices and biodegradable packaging. They're creations made to last in California, with enforced inseams and crotch (!).
WHAT DO THEY SELL? Alongside their psychedelic leggings they have t-shirts, bathing suits, and Grateful Dead gear.

Comment below with a link to their site and I'll add them to the list!