Amongst our adventures across the United States were moments of pure silliness which filled our intended depth of reflection with an equally joy inducing belly laughter instead. This little ditty, aptly named "Piss Break" captures one of those moments with the magic of the iPhone.

How my husfriend convinced a McDonald's manager to let him film and an employee (who shall remain nameless to protect his vocation) to swap clothing with him, I shall never know. My guy has a charm about him few can resist which allows his wild imagination to become a weird and wonderful reality.

"Piss Break" was Shane's creation, starred in and edited by him, filmed, with rookie moves, for the most part, by me.  

Chronologically this bit was filmed sometime after Roadtrip Day 6 and before Roadtrip Day 7 as we crept towards Santa Fe (though we mention Phoenix to throw The Man off our scent!)

Big thank you to the anonymous McDizzles souls who kindly and lovingly helped a brotha out.