voted to represent the people
they use their POWER to represent themselves
without a rhyme or reason
they rhyme a reason to reap HELL

they wage WAR$ which cause more DAMAGE
both above and below the soil
they care not for the souls around them
all they care about is OIL.

they make speeches about change
but do all they can to remain the $AME
while the land beneath their feet 
DESPERATELY hollers out their name

they say "peace" motivates their WARS
that INSTABILITY will create "safety"
that "DEATH" will save lives.
and our SUFFOCATING PLANET will be just "FINE"

and we who SLEEP in our DISTRACTIONS
PERPETUATE their cause
fore they know we'll rise for NOTHING
less it be celebrity applause

and while our planet CRUMBLES round us
we can happily IGNORE
the NEEDS unmet for others
while our WANT$ grow ever more


Words & Photo: Holly Rose