I came home from a day out in Paris last night. Throughout the day people shared their empathy and sadness for what happened.

On our way home we found a number of police cars and men in full combat gear blocking off a street near our apartment, so when we got home I looked online to see if there had been another shooting.

There hadn’t been.


What I did find was that France had announced (LESS THAN 48 HOURS after the attacks) that they’ve launched their first air strikes in Syria (allegedly to ‘protect’ France and Syrian civilians).

My stomach dropped and anger rose.

It is important to understand that throughout this experience anger has not been a part of my emotions, nor the emotions of both strangers and friends I've encountered since the event. No one I spoke to this weekend had any angry words towards Syria, any other country. They talked about the problem our western world has created and how we need to find a more loving way to solve it. But they didn't speak positively of war. 

Those who were killed in this horrific event lived in a neighbourhood of educated forward thinkers with peace and empathy on their minds, not war.

Using this event as an excuse for further violence is deplorable.

This is France’s first  strike on Syria. In his speech announcing the air strikes, Francois Hollande admitted that on November 7th (less than a week before the shootings in Paris) the French government did a reconnaissance mission to stake out their target. Which is a weird thing to do nearly a year after the Charlie Hebdo attack (if he could turn around strikes on Syria in less than 48 hours after an attack, he certainty could have done so in January when the original attacks on the city took place … if he was so worried about the safety of his people and Syrian civilians).

Coincidently U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to launch a new initiative for a political solution in Syria during meetings in New York this week.

This retaliation has nothing to do with humanitarian hopes nor the development of democracy, at best it is a wrath filled retaliation no better, nor worse than the atrocities that happened here ... either way it is drenched in the $c€nt of a little $om€thing called oil.

As of yet, there have been zero Parisians rallying in response to the terror reaped on their own land, but I suspect, in the next week, you’ll see a response to Francois Hollande’s sneaky decisions and quick actions, as he deepens his involvement with the dark powers who sneak around behind the guise of war.