In the 360 degrees of endless horizons desert dwelling has on offer, time has been halted leaving you free to explore both yourself and your surroundings. The goings on of those around you are silenced. Snuffed are the distractions of big city life. You’re alone in a cradle of sand and scape, holding hands with the sky and the moon.

Electric coloured flowers burst from seemingly dormant soil or flow gracefully from the stiff bodies of the cacti which halt the boundlessness of these relatively unpopulated and daunting lands.

Your stiffness shifts and peace washes over you, making its home in the sweat that perspires from your pores. You move at a speed which is both older and wiser, digesting your surroundings as nature nurtures your soul. 

Your ego, subdued, slumbers in silence leaving you to wonder about a world beyond yourself, without yourself. No longer caught up in the debilitating needs created by the structure of a society we unknowingly and knowingly embrace.

In the silence you hear yourself think. But it’s not the same chatter you’re used to. Whimsical thoughts whisper to you in the winds, uninterrupted, untainted and un-damaging. They introduce themselves as your own kin and you accept them with grace and gratitude. 

Joyful jubilations reign down on you from the warm light above as you feel with all your senses the beauty of your breath. The ethereal state you've entered yourself into straddles magic and reality simultaneously. In the time you’ve been borrowed you burrow and read, wander and ponder, meditate in movement, sit in serene silence, taste thoughtfully and laugh loudly. 

Every ounce of you is alive and present.

Photos copyright: Shane Woodward