I try my best not to judge the idiotic and unimportant things that fire up the masses to debate, but when simple facts about the same object they speak of are conveniently ignored, I find myself compelled to adopt the "sometimes it's good to rant about things" persona.

(I'll do my best to keep it short as I know shit gets weird when opinions shared are more than 140 characters)

Dear Distracted World: It takes a Starbucks to-go cup, regardless of the colour it is mass produced in, 50 YEARS to decompose.  That's EACH INDIVIDUAL CUP. Which means if you get even one Starbucks to-go coffee per year, you're an asshole. 

Coffee cups are NOT recyclable no matter which bin you put them in due to the polyethylene plastic which keeps the paper cup intact.

You might be like: "but omg, lmfao, I WOULD DIE without a to-go coffee (heart eyes emojicon, coffee emojicon)" and you're probably right, but there are compostable alternatives (which come in a variety of colours) readily available so that everyday people like you and me don't have to change our horrid habits.

Which is why it is so weird that each and every coffee shop doesn't just automatically use one of the hundreds of compostable products available.

Starbucks is a multinational coffee chain, they sell a minimum of 4 MILLION DRINKS PER DAY. They owe it to their ventes and even more to their babychinos to change the materials of the cups they produce so they don't negatively impact the planet they got their 'fair trade' coffee grinds from in the first place.

The #RedCup's are already printed. Starbucks will likely not change the colour of their cups until the New Year. So, instead of putting all your fired up energy towards colour choices and the magical unicorn that is baby Jesus, shift up a gear and direct your thoughts towards the Earth that you stand on, and how that hot beverage in your hand and the decisions that you make affect the thing that grows your food and provides oxygen for you to breathe.

If each person who shared their opinions on #RedCup posted their opinions on this issue instead, Starbucks would be forced to step up and change their ways. Your thoughts and words could change the world for the better, and that's a pretty Christmasy thing I'm sure homeboy would be down for.

*Full Disclosure: I too am an asshole and have been known to visit Starbucks and other companies of the same un-consious ilk, it's a bad habit I too am working on breaking. I am ranting to myself as much as I'm ranting to you.

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