Upon our arrival back to Paris from the U-S of A, my husfriend got a call from his buddy Julien Carlier who had been hired to make a giggle inducing satire of a fashion video for Harper's Bazaar China, starring the gorgeous Patricia Zajacova

The handsome pair came up with a number of funny scenarios for their shot list titled, Cover Letter, and lovely Patricia graciously played along with them while they shot their beautiful but boisterous scenes.

After it was all said and done, and the boys had played around with the edit, they invited me (mainly due to the few feet away that I sat from them, Shane being my husfriend and Julien being my buddy ole pal) to jump in and help them write / do the voiceover which would accompany the film. Which I happily agreed to. 

Above is the full video, but below are links to both the boys websites, if you've got time for a quick creep around I highly recommend it. 

Julien Carlier: http://juliencarlier.com/