This is going to be a less than dream like post, but I write it out of Love for our planet and for those who know-not-what-they-do as a source of motivation and education. It is also a chance for me to share my motivation behind posts with product pictures like the ones accompanying this post (which today feature eco/ethical knitwear brand, Ally Bee who I shall feature later this week).

It is important not to confuse eco/ethical fashion bloggers with fashion bloggers as the intention behind the photos and rhetoric are as opposite as can be. 

[Fashion Bloggers] 
Fashion bloggers share outfit posts intended to entice our desires for over consumption of fast fashion, which produced without the planet or its inhabitants in mind. 

Most don't repeat items more than once as it is their job to make you want to purchase a wider variety of items as often as possible. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they are a small part of the big machine that makes fashion the second most harmful industry on the planet, next to big oil. Fashion bloggers (plus fashion magazines, instagram famers, celebrities, ect...) promote for a living, purchase without conscious intention ... and pollution.  

[Eco/Ethical Fashion Bloggers] 
Eco/Ethical Fashion Bloggers share outfit posts to offer alternative products created with the planet and its inhabitants in mind with the idea that when you 'need' to replace the high street item you purchased (which has so quickly disintegrated), or buy a gift for a loved one, you might do so with products produced ecologically and ethically. 

Outfit items will be repeated endlessly; reworked and restyled, promoting a more reasonable and realistic representation of a human's closet. Eco/Ethical fashion bloggers promote for a living (or like me, for no income at all), purchase with conscious intention, summed up in a popular quote by Vivian Westwood: "Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last". 

[Your Purchase Power]
Sales are a necessary part of sustaining an industry, which is why we as consumers have so much power when it comes to the purchases we make. When you purchase something from Forever 21, or Zara, or Topshop or any of the other high street stores or online shops selling fast fashion, you are casting a vote and saying to the planet and its inhabitants (including yourself and ALL your loved ones, your children, grandchildren, pets, and all the plants and animals): "This new ____ is more important to me than your life".

Sounds horrific and harsh, I know, but it is true. And we all do it alarmingly often. The decision of what you buy is entirely your own and most of us are too lazy or too busy to purchase with conscious intention. You're guilty of it, I'm guilty of it, I'm sure even David Suzuki is sometimes guilty of it. We're creatures of habit and habits are hard to break.

If we all stopped making purchases from brands and shops which produce harmful products they would have to stop producing products in that way. Which is why it is so important for me to write and you to educate yourself on alternatives, and put some conscious intention behind your purchases. The internet is an amazing thing for this as all you have to do is type: 'eco ethical knitwear' and hundreds of beautifully spun brands will greet you gladly.

It has taken me over a year of mantra repetition each time I gravitate into a high street shop or find myself clicking away online to change the way I buy. I still break my own rules, make mistakes and catch myself making harmful unconscious decisions, in  purchases of fashion or otherwise, but I'm better than before, and you can be too. It is something we all have to unite together and do. 

Photos (all unedited) 
Photo Credit: Shane Woodward