I made a commitment to myself and the world that I would wear vintage, wear second hand, wear eco, wear items made in an old fashioned way ... or wear nothing at all  ...

I tend to lean towards eco items and second hand/vintage finds but since returning to London and visiting some old fashioned shops for a blog I write for, I've felt inspired to revisit items made with the skills of trades past.

I want items in my closet which are made to last and do, which are long loved and passed down. That's the goal I have for myself when I make my clutches, and the goal I have when I go out to get something new.

Jshoes is one of those brands who shares a similar mantrae. Their UK founded shoe brand blends traditional craftsmanship and british heritage seamlessly in a happy marriage with modern design and authentic engineering.

I try to only get new when needed, and as my previous high street purchased boots had hit their 6-month-mark and disintegrated, I was grateful to be gifted Jshoes' MARYLEBONE boots as a thank you for modelling for the brand. The style feels a bit vintage to me which suits my look but more importantly, on a comfort level, they're good for everyday stomping. 

I had my sister snap a shot of me with my new boots and my Leotie Lovely Souk Soiree Clutch whilst we were on a two-hour walk trying to get my sweet yet stubborn nephew to sleep (proof they're comfy shoes!)