I think it is good to be honest about moments that passed which were less than dreamy and idyllic - I smile serenely at the memories relived through these images, but struggle sometimes to forgive myself for my part in the nuisance of any negative memories which share the space too.

My partner and I disagreed now and again, mostly about nothing of particular importance: driving skills (or lack there of), whether to leave the bed down or put the sofa up, where we should or shouldn't cook with our ever so handy Biolite stove ... ect ...

living in a small space puts a microscope on issues you otherwise wouldn't bother to discuss ... or even have an opinion on.

On this day, though we woke up laughing and fell asleep the same way, but we argued about the bed down / sofa up scenario, and though I'm learning not to let it, the little 5 minute scuffle sometimes sneaks in to taint my celebration of the 14 hours of blissful adventures which followed:

We showered at a truck stop sharing a shower stall to save money, then shared a tiny breakfast sandwich from a roadside diner, hooting and hollering as we drove down a sunny road lined with desert wildflowers. We followed signs from the universe pointing us down roads which lead us to nowhere and everywhere all at once. We marvelled at the space around us and imagined life in the desert and the inspiration it would bring. We played in a garbage pile, bouncing on an old rusty mattress while searching for treasures amongst the ruff. We sung a song of peace, and cried for one lost, we held each other with nothing but the wind around us to hear our breath.

We wandered around a small town, washed our dusty car, bought groceries and sat in the sun sipping on an ice cold Topo Chico. We met a woman fighting to keep her town off the path of a pipeline, felt amazed by her plight and fortitude, learned from her wisdom and connected to her soul.                                                              

We travelled to Marfa, Texas and let ourselves become inspired by the confident artists and creatives nesting within the boarders of a town like and unlike most others. We took photos with a truck driver, ate Tacos at a soulful stand, and left the town smiling, riding the sun into the night.

We rushed to the McDonald Observatory to gaze at the stars, got pulled over by a careful cop on the way, arrived late but laughing under the light of a full moon. We marvelled at the planets and each and every star in sight, as well as the knowledgable and attentive volunteers who told us terrific tales about the universe which surrounds us.

And we fell asleep in eachother's arms, kissed by the cool breeze of a mountain top picnic spot, blissful in the moment which embraced us, the morning's disagreement forgotten ...

Until a dark Paris night, breathed it to light, to be visited once more before released out the door .... forgiven for what passed and what it taught us which makes us last.