I moved to England when I was 18 to get to know my father and brothers who I had not grown up with. To my glee, they welcomed me into their lives without hesitation. And I always admired them for it. They taught me, through their actions, the importance of open acceptance. How much easier it is to Love and Love freely when you break down the walls of judgement and ideals built up against, or for, those around you.

A year or so after I arrived in London, my dad met a woman who was only 7 years older than me, I thought it was weird and tried to ignore them, but she was nothing but kind and loving towards me. And I quickly remembered, through her actions, it was easier just to Love her and love her freely.

Despite the multiple mothers, multiple children and multiplying children, for the past 13 years, my step-mum-sister-friend has always welcomed, with loving kindness, all members of our ever growing family into the home she shares with my father and into her heart.

I’ve always quietly admired her for this side of her character; for her selflessness, for her patience, for her lack of jealousy, and for her Love.

A few years back, she took me, along with my sisters, my dad and my mother, to an antique sale just outside the castle gates where the Boleyn girls grew up in Kent. In it, I found a stunning piece of fabric made of antique silk, detailed with goldworking and exquisite velvet needlework. I was able to make two clutches out of the fabric and gifted her one for Christmas last year.

Only one remains in all the world, and I hope whomever eventually decides to add it to their conscious closet inherits with it the open loving heart of this inspiring woman who in all honestly made its creation possible.

Big Love to all the step parents out there who put up with their partners children and teach them new kinds of Love.