Making halloween costumes was somewhat of an obsession of mine for a while. Before creating Leotie Lovely I had first considered making Halloween costumes out of upcycled finds to sell online instead, but chickened out after realising anyone interested in a DIY costume would and should have the opportunity to make their own.

Creating  costumes out of upcycled fabrics is an eco friendly way to get er done. There are thousands of amazing D.I.Y's to be found for the very young to very old and any trip to your local charity shop is bound to further inspire.

Though Halloween was my favourite holiday to create for, in Europe, it often passes without me noticing at all. It isn't as 'celebrated' in the same way as it is in North America and thus, I haven't made a costume for myself or anyone else since these DIYs were originally posted many moons ago.

Though the images are scratchy and cheesy I figured these two are always good for a repost. I made the pair of them in less than 24 hours, so with 24 hours to go til Halloween creeps up on us again, here they are ready for the taking, be sure to share if these inspire you to create your own! CLOWN COSTUME & OWL COSTUME