When we moved back to Europe, we came via London and being as disorganised as we are, failed to make proper plans for our departure to Paris a week later. We booked space in a Bla Bla car, but allegedly not enough for us and our stuff. In the end I got booted, and in the hot mess that was my hurried exit, I failed to grab any of my cash or cards from Shane and found myself on the side of the road in East London feeling a bit silly and sad.

Some stolen wifi later, my brother-in-law-to-be came to the rescue and managed to get me fed and on a train to Paris with some money in my pocket and some champagne down my throat. Meanwhile, poor six-foot-somethin' tall Shane, who I'd left with the majority of our belongings piled three stories high on his lap in the back seat of tiny car, travelled for 6 hours in his quaint quarters only to find himself held hostage on a ferry for 6 hours more while dock workers held an impromptu strike preventing any arrivals to France.

And so it was that I was the first to arrive to our new Parisian home, which was empty, as new-to-you apartments ought to be. And at 2:07a.m as I stood there alone, I realised that despite our heaps of luggage and best intentions, we were completely unprepared for living in a space grander than our beloved VDub, and we had neither the funds nor the time (due to the time) to furnish our humble abode anytime soon. 

By luck and sheer magic I had a little roll out carpet about the size of a yoga mat from a shoot we'd done in London the week before (they had asked me to bring it down to Paris to be reused in a tradeshow three weeks away). I set up the carpet as the base of our 'bed', with two chunky sweaters as pillows and a little throw blanket (also from the shoot) as our cover.  

It was hopelessly romantic, once Shane arrived, spooning on our little plot of fabric the whole night through, and though we cherished the simplicity, we were grateful when our simple little sleeping space slowly began to transform, through friendly donation, recuperation, and careful curation, to a cosy ass room. 

And though the mattress, pillows, and duvet are objects I'm incredibly lucky and grateful to have, my most treasured token of our cosy little corner in the clouds is the ever changing watercolour outside our window which blesses us each morning with a view of the rising sun.

Pillows: H&M 
Steer Head Poster: Halo by Kristina Dimitrova 
Rings: Jimmy Elie Maury 
Palo Santo: Leotie Lovely
Owl Mask: DIY