New to the line up of Leotie's Lovelies is a blue babe of the bohemian variety, aptly named the Bohemian Blues Clutch.

Both the interior and exterior fabric, upcycled from Goodwill, were hand dyed in San Antonio, Texas this spring. The fabric was then united forever this summer with a Organic YYK Zipper in London, England. And, at long last, the handcrafted tassel was created and dip dyed in Paris, France this fall.

The Bohemian Blues Clutch has a sister clutch in perfect pink called the Ramblin' Rose Clutch which will be introduced later this week. Both colourways are limited-edition, two-of-a-kind.

Should you like to adopt one of these fine ladies, one can find the whole fam-a-lam online for sixty of the HRM, The Queen's steller stirling pounds here.