I forgot, in the excitement of going, to give out a glimpse at our labour of Love, Big Blue.

The story of her metamorphosis is a tale to tell. From spotting her on Blanco road to kitting her out in our backyard.

She was bought from a Peruvian family who carefully shared the beauty of their souls with us transforming the transaction from business to pleasure. Across the street from her former home was a doctor of sorts who shared his wisdom with Big Blue and us too in a way so loving we could have been kin.

By hand we deconstructed her, laying her bare, and spent a week searching and selecting the bones that would rebuild her.

A genius of a gentleman joined us for the final part of her recreation, using his powers and pouring his positive energy towards her, building, piece by piece, the structure that would sustain both her and us as we embarked on our grand adventure.