all images by Rupi Kaur
It seems whatever power-that-is who decides on the appropriateness of Instagram photos was neither bore by a woman nor breastfed in infancy.

This is one of many photo projects censored by the social media sucker which celebrates with honesty, the many wonders of life.

Recently a photographer from my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada, Heather Bays, was banned from Instagram from featuring photography of mothers feeding their children by breast. And she's not alone.

This morning I was made aware of yet another ludicrous Instagram censorship - Rupi Kaur's normalising and honest photo series depicting the menstrual cycle  - awakening the deep frustration I feel for the world on many levels.

There was a time when women (who to this day sync up if living in close community) would, during their communal week of bleeding, leave the children of age and men to take care of one another, and go off into the wilderness to celebrate - with art, music and love - the monthly ritual which sources all the human life. Rather than being ostracised negatively by self and other for their 'hormonal imbalances'.

We, as a species, have evolved from an organism which celebrates all things natural, to a species of ignorance which celebrates the unnatural selfish excess of our creations. Wealth, power, politics and censorship have blinded us from what is real, from what matters.

So much so we've forgotten where we began, forgotten what actually sustains us: the earth we walk on, the air that we breath, the community of organisms which allow our eco system (and us) to continue to exist, mother's milk (which unlike the formulas don't contain cornstarch linked to cancers) and the menstrual cycle which prepares the body for pregnancy, and therefore human existence, each and every month, since the dawn of our existence ...

We all need to take a step back, re-asses, and in the words of the mighty and wisdom-full Ice Cube: Check (ourselves) before (we) wreck ourselves.

all photos by Rupi Kaur