An extended Indian summer blessed us with warmth beyond the boarders of Autumn's habitual orders. With the eagerness of worn winter wanderers we huddled beneath, igniting ourselves within the safety and comfort of the sweet serene scenes which swaddled us in a cosy cocoon, gestating gently toward new beginnings.

Eight stories high in the sunlit sky we nested neatly, eyes kissed by the cool grey rooftops which pave its harmonious horizon. Embracing the city's magic with open doors and open arms, the heavens danced beyond the shell of our tender treehouse with a resuscitating watercolour of wonderment and light.

The beauty of the souls sailing beneath us twinkled tenderly like the heartbeat of a lighthouse clear beyond the forming fog. Capturing us like fireflies fluttering fancifully amongst twilight's bewitching haze.

Sunrise to sunset we frolicked freely, foraging friends, food and fun faithfully, gluttonously grateful and merciful to memories until the the hands of time collided with the cadence of castanets, coyly catapulting us forth and away.

Words: Holly Rose
Photos: Shane Woodward
AirBNB Flat + Final 2 Images: Alex