Last weekend my guy and I signed up for a market stall down here in Texas. It was the first time either of us had done one and we got pretty pumped gearing up for it, finalising our products and displays.

We'd spotted some pallets in a pile outside a gas station near our house and carried them home two-by-two like the piston rods of an old steam train. They were dirty as sin, but after a quick scrub, the wood beneath revealed itself, and the hot Texan sun dried them in minutes, readying them for transformation.

I'd bought chalk board markers thinking I'd be able to get what I wanted on there with ease, but they were too thick and didn't come in enough colours so I switched to acrylic paint for polite precision.

I'd planned on painting both sides with text, but ended up using some push pins for the remaining 'curtain' as I needed more space for bags. In hindsight I wish I would have separated the left side text in two to create more space but I'm far too lazy too ... but here's your how to:

What You Need
- Pallet
- Chalk Board Paint
- Acrylic Paint 
- Paint Brushes

How To
ONE Clean your pallet 

TWO Paint the pallet 'curtains' the colour of your choice

THREE Use a pencil to draw on your design

FOUR Paint your design 
FIVE Set up your stall