My guy bought me some bad ass yoga pants for Christmas which have been featured frequently as my staple apparel over the last few weeks as we casually convinced our baguette filled butts to get going within the cosy walls of San Antonio's loveliest studio, Southtown Yoga ... or lying around in bed on laundry day.

To top off their mermaid-ish marvellousness, these tantalising tights are made from 100% recycled materials (recycled polyester from waterbottles) and come from lifestyle brand Threads 4 Thought, a site offering sustainable apparel.

The company is committed to ethical production as well. With water being the key component used in manufacturing and dying clothing, they source many of their products through a city in China called Weihai which has one of the most advanced water recycling programs in the world, with 82% of all the water used throughout the city being purified, recycled and reused again (in the western world the best we've done is 20%).

The workers who produce the clothing are paid a fair wage and work 40hr weeks in a safe, clean environment. The clothing is produced with Organic Cotton and/or recycled polyester, which is made from recycled waterbottles. 

Finally, with each $100 purchase, 10% is donated to the New Roots Campaign which helps refugees who have been granted sanctuary in the United States, many of whom come from agrarian backgrounds, rebuild their lives using skills already learned.  

Brings a whole new meaning to a sweet stretch.

x Holly