Despite efforts to live a sustainable lifestyle, my partner and I have managed to wreck at least ten pairs of headphones and earphones between the two of us in less than six months. 

The blame lies partially with the creators of these wastefully produced products, but principally, with my partner and I who are guilty of buying cheap goods 'on the fly' to scratch the immediate itch of our 'pressing needs’ ... while being irresponsibly wild and carefree with the sole enabler of our musical wanders.

To remedy our cyclical sins, I went on a hunt for well made ethically produced headphones and was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of quality sustainable aesthetically pleasing goods, produced by small businesses committed to eco friendly products, who also happen exemplify exemplary philanthropic activity. 

If you have a need for headphones, you probably like music, and therefore probably know this name. Bob's relatives created a company called House of Marley with a full line of over, on and in ear headphones made form sustainable materials and FSC certified woods. To top all that goodness off your purchases support the 1 Love Foundation which is dedicated to giving back through charities that empower individuals to take action for sustainable and responsible living. Their current campaign, Million Acts, calls for people around the world to commit an Act Of Love, Act Of Kindness, and/or Act of Community to help strengthen nations around the world and build a compassionate global community. 

This beautifully British company makes in-ear headphones in a variety of colours for £25.00 (same price as Apple's worms). They have FSC certified plantation hardwood chassis housed in 100% recycled packaging. To top it off, they plant a tree for every 100 products sold, and are members of 1% For The Planet, which unites 1,200 companies to give to 3,300 not-for-profits resulting in more than 100 million dollars given back to mama earth. 

Made with reclaimed wood upcycled from discarded furniture and flooring industries, LSTN has a full line of slick and sustainable over, on and in ear headphones. While their goods bring music to your ears, your purchase literally brings HEARING to the ears of another, as the company supports Starkey Hearing Foundation with each purchase. Their website has videos of their charity work which will move even the darkest souls to tears, gives a whole new meaning to sharing music.

So, whether you're replacing your own headphones or putting things under a holiday symbol for someone you Love, just a few extra dollars will get you to your goal while doing good for the earth and others. Win. Win.