Our little world needs to see some change and the quickest/easiest way to get to it, is adjusting our daily and seasonal habits.

Over the next month those in the western world will whip wildly through a list of loved ones, excitedly purchasing delicious and delightful declarations for them as part of the traditions that fall during this season.

There are a multitude of beautiful things which result from these celebrations, many revolving around Love and kindness, which is why it seems slightly ludicrous that we express our positive feelings for others by spending money on items produced with the opposite emotions and intentions.

There are many suggestions to be made about how we can change our daily lives to improve the social, economic, political and ecological situations we’ve found ourselves in, and I don’t pretend to have the answer to any of them, but I would like to challenge myself, my loved ones, and the world at large to make the choice to #MakeItMeanSomething, through our actions, purchases and beyond.

This challenge is an easy one to commit to, to close your purchasing scope a bit by committing to adhere to one, a few, or all, of the suggestions below while exercising your purchasing power, this Holiday Season, and (if it suits you), in the year(s) to come.

*#MakeItMeanSomething #Top20*

If you're gonna buy:
1. buy less
2. buy something with meaning
3. buy local
4. buy handmade
5. buy ethical
6. buy sustainable
7. buy organic
8. support a small business / musician
9. Buy vintage/second hand
10. Recycle, upcycle, repurpose

Or don't buy it at all:
1. adopt a pet in need of rescue
2. volunteer time
3. donate money
4. hold out a helping hand
5. write a letter/poem
6. paint a picture
7. build a sculpture
8. bake something
9. make something
10. find a cause to care for

To partake in this challenge - just do it - and hashtag #MakeItMeanSomething if you find a moving moment.

Big Hug x