I put a call out on Facebook asking for ideas of markets to sell Leotie Lovely pieces this holiday season and was almost immediately led to a site I’d subconsciously imagined creating and consciously dreamed of finding.

My Messiah came in the form of an online marketplace cleverly titled Ethical Box, which is in the midst of creating an online community for ethically minded people to buy and sell products made with the earth and it's inhabitants in mind. 

And the products ain't your classic 'green gal' goods. They only launched last month and they've already got enough wonders in the woman's section to get my christmas list crawling:

Ethical Box embodies the change I hope to see, and help create, in the fashion world and beyond. Their tagline: Forget The Ego. Embrace The Eco, politely nudges ones mindful shopping intentions, simplifying their beautifully articulated mission statement. 

Intended for those fed up with the waste and destruction of today’s fast fashion, their hope is To create a place to buy fashion that you can be proud to wear. Fashion that makes you feel as great as it makes you look. Fashion with a positive impact, without compromising on style, which means beautiful products that won’t cost us the earth, our health, or the rights of our fellow human beings. “

They’re the first who’ve brought an Etsy like approach to the ethical shopping world as they strive to create a meaningful marketplace, helping to shift the online shopping world to engage in a greater good, by simplifying the (sometimes exhaustive) search to find products created with the intentions of integrity and love, rather than greed and selfishness.

The online marketplace will open it’s street level doors for their first pop up event this weekend – so if you’re in the holiday shopping mood and happen to be in London adjust your compass slightly north east of Oxford Street instead:

29th and 30th of November
Beach London
20 Cheshire Street –
E2 6EH

If you're like me and prefer to shop under the duvet, their online doors are always open and ever growing right here: http://ethicalbox.co/