After a slight 12 month delay, I'm pleased (and relieved) to announce the arrival of these two winter warmers to my shop: The Cashmere Turban & Bobble Hat

The turn of events which lead to their creation was a lovely one, beginning as most things do, with a kind introduction. Knitwear designer Edina Ronay, my former boss, introduced me to Lesley from Devon Fine Fibres who had provided her with beautiful rare breed cashmere produced, for the first time, in the UK (normally cashmere is produced in Mongolia and then sent to Scotland for washing and spinning).

I was so inspired by Lesley and her husband Roger, who escaped city life to build a beautiful farm down in Devon and create a heart lead business, the first of its kind, where rare breeds of Sheep and Goats live their lives in a lush loved up environment, cared for by people who ensure they are treated with the highest ethical and welfare standards, or in Lesley's words: "like family".

The love shared with the animals who produce these fine fibres shows in the quality of yarns produced, after the goats and sheep are sheered Lesly hand washes and spins the fibres into yarn herself, sending each ply off un-dyed, in the natural colour seen in the hats above, alongside a lovely personalised note filled with blessings and encouragement for the creative process to follow.

In the spirit of the love filled process Lesly began, I've decided to donate 25% of each hat sale to a cause of the purchaser's choice in hopes of keeping that lovin' feeling flowin' far.

x Holly