CLUTCH: Leotie Lovely - PLAYSUIT: Spell Byron Bay - BOOTS: Ash - FLOWER CROWN: DIY here

This month marks the second month on the move as my guy and I, having given up our shoebox abodes in London and Paris, Airbnb our butts around Europe like caravan-less gypsy's in an attempt to complete the post production of our short film.

For the editing phase, we're living in magnificent Madrid, getting a glimpse of the sweet summer we missed between work bound lock downs indoors.

I could embark on a dreamy dictation of all the magic Madrid holds, but I'll begin with just the simplest of salutations to the walls, doors and buildings, painted all the colours of the wind, which greet us each day as we emerge from our modest flat sniffing for coffee and carbs.

I'm lucky as a leprechaun my partner in crime's milkshake of professions includes photography, which means some days he'll capture pictures of our prancing.

We came across one of Madrid's elusive flower shops the other day, located across the street from this gorgeous green wall which just happened to be painted the exact colour of the beautiful Gypsy Queen Romper by Spell Byron Bay I bought from lovely Frankie at The Native State around summer's solstice.

I was in the midst of designing my clutches when I purchased this floral frenzied frock and, inspired by Spell's pretty playsuit, combined a piece of driftwood I had found on the beach in Morocco with a hand died one-of-a-kind upcycled piece I'd made earlier on to create this ONE-OF-A-KIND GYPSY QUEEN CLUTCH named after the romper it was inspired by.

What I'm Wearing
PLAYSUIT: Spell Byron Bay