I’ve commited nearly 10 years of my life to American style cowboy boots as an outfit staple for summer stomping – from kickin’ it on the streets of London Town to climbing volcanoes in Bali – I really haven’t found a situation where, when the sun is shining, or the rain is falling, this style of boot doesn’t suit.

That said, late last year I travelled to Morocco, and during what I can only describe as the most romantic trip of my life, I fell in love with another … boot that is, which goes by the name of Kilim and suits all the same purposes with a bit more pizazz.

Last month my boyfriend and I returned to Morocco, this time for the purpose of buying as many Kilim boots as this small business budget could enable.

As ethics in production are important to us, we insisted on visiting the space where the boots are made.

We were told the Kilims used for the boots are handmade traditional pieces purchased second hand after being discarded by locals due to wear and tear. All sections that can be upcycled are used as supplies for the boots. Due to the uniqueness of the handmade Kilims, only a limited number of boots produced will display the same pattern (machine made Kilims can be reproduced endlessly reducing the individuality of each boot).

We bought two Vintage Kilims to make bags with (one pictured beneath the boots above, the other seen here) and we exclusively chose boots made from these handmade Kilims.

Our supplier was kind enough to let us film him explaining the process of creating the boots to share with you.

You will find all the boots we brought back on the website here: http://leotielovely.bigcartel.com/category/footwear