The sun is shining, the weather outside is sweet and as the days of drab skies fade the dull winter colours which suited our sunless skin must be tucked away for a later day. For YEARS I've been eyeing up Novella Royale trousers, but my inherent cheapness kept me from biting the bullet and buying, but, as one of my resolutions for this new year was to buy less and buy smarter (either buying ethically or supporting small businesses), my first summer purchase was focused on them.

Coincidentally, a vintage beautiful runner came into my possession not long after I pressed 'purchase' on my Janis Pink Ethnic Floral Bells and as the trousers made their way across the ocean, the runner swiftly repurposed itself into the ONE-OF-A-KIND FLOWIN' FLOWER clutch which just happened to outfit up perfectly with my new belle bells.

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