I scooted over to Morocco last week for a much needed internet-free break in the sun with my guy. 

We stayed in a beautiful Air BNB in a small fishing village / surf town called Taghazout, in the south west of Morocco. It was heaven; the people were warm hearted, the food delicious and the scenery spectacular.

After a few days of surf, sun, yoga and wandering in Taghazout, we grabbed a motorbike and drove 153km up to the soulful city of Essaouria where we were scrubbed down proper at local hammams, ate yummy food, tranced out to Gnawa music, then rose with the sun and wandered the streets watching shops open up and lusting over the beautiful woven carpets, leather goods and jewellery.

On our journey to and fro, we saw goats climbing trees, bought an addictive concoction of yum called Amlou (made up of peanuts, honey and argan oil … probably not made with the intention of being eaten off ones finger on the back of a moving motorbike).

We finished up by buying fish and muscles fresh out of the sea from a boy on the side of the road and grilled it up for a delicious sunset feast back at our Taghazout AirBnB.

Would have stayed forever if I could have.

A few of the clutches extended their stay for a quick iPhone shoot with Shane …lucky ducks