You know you've been in London too dang long when ... you write a whole blog post about Del Barbour when you really mean Del Barber. 

Which makes this Tuesday's tune, Del Barber's "Home To Manitoba," all the more fitting because I am ... going home to Manitoba, for the wedding of one of my dearest friends, artist/interior designer, Celeste Christie

Fall is one of my favourite times to be in Manitoba, it's (should be) crisp (it's 26°C right now though, silly), but still warm enough to wander, and it is a beautiful place to wander. Memories of this sent me creepin' on my own FB timeline to fish out some pics from my last Manitoban autumn I took with Prairie Yogi Creative Director, Monique Pantel:

Finally, a link to one of my favourite songs in general, "Miles and Years" which also happens to be a Del Barber song xx