Sometimes you find artists in the weirdest ways, and RayLandBaxter is one of them. 

I aLways take the time for a quick creep on anyone who foLLows me on twitter - one day this dude, CopeLand Isaacson, started foLLowing me - I am aLways intrigued by someone with two Last names, (as a gal with two first names) twitter follow or not. So, I spent my aLLotted five minutes having a Look on CopeLand’s stream, turns out he’s the LabeL relations guy for Spotify, Leading him to post Loads of music clips, as he should. 

Fifth pic down on his page was a dude with a beard, I think I’ve rambLed previously about the scientific theory I’m deveLoping on the correLation between good music and good beards, so as part of my (scientific) research, I clicked and was brought to a ‘#recommended’ vid tweet of RayLand Baxter’s (two first names!) song: Bad Things. (he lost the beard somewhere along the way, I don't know what this means for his music ... we'll soon find out)

The resuLt? One occasionaLLy owL masked instant fan. 

He sounds ever so famiLiar, but compLeteLy unique - another young guy with an oLd souL. He reminds me of John Prine but I wouLdn’t have a sober argument as to why … a bearded Ben Howard, LyricaLLy maybe … his song Driveway MeLody has a Brett Dennen-ish feeL … The List could go on of sLight simiLarities - but no one seems to sit paraLLeL. 

You’LL have to have a throughout Listen of what he’s got out there to see what I mean - which I highLy recommend doing – ‘tis enjoyabLe (if you Like foLky, country, bLues). 

Here are my three favs (apart from WiLLie's Song above):