DIANA HO NECKLACE (from sknniebelle.com) – I found Diana back in March while on an etsy wander, wrote a little blog post on her, and kept putting items in my shopping bag, then abandoning it for no reason in particular … However, my friend Ella, who owns Skinniebelle.com, recently struck up a wholesale deal with Diana Ho bringing some carefully selected pieces from the range to the UK, which meant I got to hit two (figurative) birds with one (figurative) stone and support both lovely ladies at once. Win-Win. Here's the link to the piece: http://www.skinniebelle.com/collections/products/products/arrowhead-double-chain-choker-necklace

BIRDHOUSE On Friday I spent the day at a lovely cafĂ© in Clapham Junction interviewing knitwear designers for an upcoming project – the space is aesthetically pleasing in an unpretentious way, the food and drink is faultless and the staff was … nice … though I’m not sure how down they were with me using it as an office for the day … Regardless, if you’re ever in the area, stop in for a tea or a bite … their banana bread is out of this world!

HOT POD YOGA Too much fun this summer has left me feeling a bit haggard, so I returned to my fav London podsters for the first time in months this Saturday at their new permanent Hot Pod Yoga Brixton location, I was super late and ended up in a corner, but lovely Nick made it worthwhile as usual and I got to do a little post yoga perusing of Nicholas Harris’ HPE yoga gear which you get a discount code for if you sign up to a class.

THE SUNDAY ASSEMBLY Sunday was a Funday with an early rise and a trek up to Bethnal Green to check out my buddy Tom’s project with the lovely Pippa Evans, The Sunday Assembly. It’s a godless congregation, which has caused a bit of a stir in the ancient book thumping communities who always seem to get excited with the use of the word 'athiest', though there wasn't anything godly or godless about it really. There was a great talk by Dylan Emrey, a hilarious story by Phil Whelans, a poetry reading by Kayo Chingonya, and some songing alonging. I discovered many things, mainly that my Danish clapping skills are deplorable and my aforementioned haggard ol' body couldn't quite handle the mini rave … I sort of mini dubstepped music in a sleepy awkward sway.

Tom (Sanderson Jones) was M.I.A in Ireland, so I’m going to have to get back again soon, they’re changing locations to a more Souf West friendly middle city meet at Conway Hall (25 Red Lion Square, London, Greater London WC1R 4RL) – next one is September 15. Be there or be square kids.

HACKNEY BUREAU Our post Sunday Assembly activity was a delicious sunny breakfast at hipster Hackney Bureau (3 Mare St, London E8 4RP) accompanied by a collection of Sunday Assemblers. The food and company got full marks. As did our honoured guest Mr. Sun.