One of my favourite things about following Sofar Sounds (unintentionally yet obsessively) is you don't even have to go to someone elses living room to enjoy their curated gigs. On a recent (productive procrastination) scroll down Facebook's newsfeed of nonsense, I stumbled upon (via sofar) Good Oak, three former flatmates from Brisbane, Australia who accidently became a brilliant band.

My favourite song from the EP is Provider, I don't know who the girl is, she sounds a bit like my homie bee, Elle King, but I know it ain't ... can't find the tune anywhere but these two spots, if anyone knows who the girl is, I'd love to know via comment below or email

There isn’t much about them or material on them, but you can find their self titled EP on:

I'd also like to note, based on this year's Greenman Festival (best.festival.ever) experience, where I laid eyes on many of the magical musicians who feed my eager eardrums, there seems to be a strong correlation between terrific tunes and badass bearded bandos. These boys have some badass beards. My objectless observation is quickly becoming scientific fact...