I once saw a girl in Brandon Vegas wearing a shirt that said 'My Favourite Colour Is Camo' the shirt was pink, her skirt decorated with plastic diamonds and she was wearing hunting boots with a stiletto heel ... like Jenny from the block but more shoot-a-moose glam. None of it made sense, but then again I was in a bar drinkin' dranks I'd won in a mechanical bull riding competition, so who was I to talk.

Then yesterday, on a procrastinating fb newsfeed scrool I saw my kina camo for the first time, and upon further research found the photograher, Graham McGeorge, a plumber with a passion for photography, and that just made my gosh dang day. 

So now, after all these years, I can finally join forces with ol' Betty from Brandon and say “hey, my favourite colour is camo too.”