Artist Kristina Dimitrova, creator of our first Collaboration For A Cause: Halo Digital Print in
support of Breast Cancer Awareness and I share our favs from the city I was born in and we both grew up in, Winnipeg, Canada. If you ever find yourself in the exact longitude(ish) point of Canada, here’s where to go and what to do!


FOOD: Bar Italia on Corydon for cocktail and dinner on a hot summer evening!! 

SUMMER FUN: Lake of the Woods is where I spend most of my weekends in the summer, it’s only a two hour drive from Winnipeg. I also love going to Assiniboine Park for free concerts in the summer

SHOPPING: Osborne Village is the best, they have so many locally owned boutiques and some even feature local designers.

SPORTS: I love watching sports in the summer, catching a Gold Eyes or Blue Bombers game is always fun and in the winter there is nothing like a good ol’ Jets game. I love Long Boarding in Bird's Hill or down Wellington Crescent too and of course wakeboarding at Lake Of The Woods. Winnipeg is great for outdoor activities!

BANDS: I'm a massive fan of Rebel Yell and Byrne Fiddler!


FOOD:  I love Deer& Almond for dinner, they have the most creative and delicious meals by chief Mandel Hitzer (they did an amazing pop up over winter too). Stella’s Wolseley for breakfast is a Winnipesian delight, and hipster haunt, Parlour for coffee.
FASHION: Winnipeg has some amazing and inspirational designers. I’m a huge fan of Julie Pedersen’s Muckies, (Andrew) Lennard Taylor’s holsters and clothing, Kimberly Slezak’s T-Toques and KLAS gear, Trisha's Tastemakers too! Osborne Village has the best shopping by far, Desart for cards and knick knacks, Hush & Shout for gear and Silver Lotus for jewellery. Winnipeg also has the best vintage shopping and charity shopping I’ve ever known. Whatever area you are in, pop into anything you pass! And avoid the malls. All of them. 

BANDS: Winnipeg has an amazing arts and culture scene, especially in the summer with Jazz Fest, Rainbow Trout Festival and Folk Fest. I’m a huge fan of Royal Canoe, Sons of York, Del Barbour, Jerry Sereda, Mise EnScene … I could go on …

PARTY TIME: I love me some Greenroom, if you can catch DJHUNNICUT AND CO-OP you’ll be dancing, FOOTWERK, LONNIE C-E, RAWDMAN are good too. G Martini Bar is a good place to start, good lookin’ bar tenders and tasty drinks and sushi, plus it is stumbling distance from Greenroom.