I first came across Royal Canoe while home for Christmas in Winnipeg at a Pyramid gig some Charleswood hipsters took me too. 

Made up of six Winnipesians (yes, we're re-branding Winnipegger) using two guitars, four-six sets of vocal chords, six keyboards, two or maybe basses, two drummers with multiple drums, loads of microphones and a multitude of vocal effects, the conglomerate is astounding to watch live and an absolute treat to the ears.

After seeing three shows (including the Sofar gig above here in the UK), I noticed it takes new found fans approximately two to three songs to go from staring gobsmacked with their mouths open to bippity bopping to the catchy beats. I still don't know what genre they fall under, they're un-genrefiable (a word, right?), some happy medium between rock/hip-hop/electronic/folk/indie/pop?

Their new album, Today We're Believers was going to release on June 25 in North America (probs not including Mexico) but it is now delayed until September 3; However, you can purchase it on vinyl or pre order your CD/digital formats from their website on the origonal release date .

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